Congratulations on completing the
Spice Health & Fitness
7 Day Move Your Body Challenge

  • We hope you’ve enjoyed the workouts, supportive videos and informative links and downloads you’ve received over the past week.
  • Have you noticed any changes in your body or attitude? Please let us know! We’d love to hear from you – it’s stories of women’s bodies changing and becoming stronger that makes us so passionate about everything we do.
  • All the videos in the challenge will remain available in the group until midnight on Sunday 08 December so you have plenty of time to view and complete anything you haven’t got to just yet.
  • Don’t forget the 7 Day Challenge is just a taster of the full Spice Strong Online Program  – we’d love to see you join us in the full program
  • As a thank you for joining us & completing the challenge we’d love to offer you our 36 page eBook, based on the four foundational wellness pillars of Spice Health & Fitness – Strong, Nourish, Believe, Restore. A great resource to propel you further in your wellness journey.

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