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Our SpiceSTRONG Online Training Methodology - Transforming Women's Bodies

SpiceSTRONG isn't an overnight idea. Having worked with women's bodies for over 2+ decades we've been able to apply, review and adapt many strength training techniques to develop specialist strength transformation programming that empowers women's bodies to work functionally for them.Now, we've adapted this from the studio environment to online, so women anywhere, anytime can attain the same functional strength transformations that we see EveryDay.

Functional strength training showing the 12 functional movements

Our Spice Strong Training Methodology Will Transform Your Body

At Spice, we want to make your body work functionally for you, no matter what everyday situation you find yourself in, or goal, challenge, vacation you have on the horizon.


We use free-weights and bodyweight to strengthen and tone your muscles, integrating aerobic endurance, core strength and stability into all our exercises for a full body workout. We help you find a starting point then use different loads and intensities to adapt movements for varying fitness levels, abilities and physical limitations. As you become stronger and fitter, the program grows with you!


Our methodology is function-focused, replicating movements in everyday life, from chopping wood and carrying luggage, to lifting groceries and pushing wheelbarrows. Unlike training with traditional machines in large facilities, functional movement exercises incorporate twisting, turning, pushing and pulling, with strength, flexibility, and stability, just like you experience in everyday life!


There’s increasing awareness of the benefits of strength training for everyone, and as we age, developing strong muscles and good balance is even more important -  not as a weight loss or body image tool, but a preventative measure against chronic disease and conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis and back pain. A strong body boosts confidence and independence, bringing the freedom to explore more aspects of life. Be aware, muscle not used deteriorates!


We move everyday, but injury, illness, ageing or mindset can limit mobility and then many people give up and accept their limitations. At Spice we design programs to target muscle chains and include stability and flexibility in every session. Ordinary movements like getting up and down off the sofa, picking something up from the floor, or stepping off the kerb all use multiple muscles, require strength, and benefit from greater flexibility and stability.

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