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Feb 11

Need A Fitness Accountability Group – Grab A Friend

By Sheree King | Group Success , Strength Mobility Balance , Success Stories

Need A Fitness Accountability Group… Train with a Friend – The Karen’s Did!! Finding it hard to succeed & need a Fitness Accountability Group. Grab a friend, the Karen’s did, they committed to Semi-Private Training. See their success… Sheree: It’s Sheree from Spice Health and Fitness. And I’ve got two of our awesome ladies here who […]

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Jan 17

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – Will Exercise Help?

By Sheree King | Blood Pressure & Medications , Over 60s , Strength Mobility Balance , Success Stories

Exercise Can Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Sheree: Hi, Christine, we’ve got you here today. Do you mind me asking how old you are? Christine: I’ll be 66 next week. Sheree: Awesome stuff. And I’m believing that you’ve been saying that you feel great now. Feel the healthiest you’ve felt for yearsChristine: Ever since you started, […]

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Aug 29

Pain Relief Medication’s Reduced with Lifestyle Changes

By Sheree King | Blood Pressure & Medications , Mindset , Strength Mobility Balance , Success Stories

Lifestyle changes see Pain Relief Medications Reduced Sheree here from Spice Health and Fitness in Kingston, Hobart. Today we’re talking to Deb, one of our lovely, valued clients, and I just want to ask you today Deb, why you happened to come to Spice Group Fitness Classes.Deb: Well, I suppose it’s a reality check. I […]

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