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Exercise & a Bad Back. Will it Help?

By Sheree King | Restore

Jun 17

Exercise is good for people with a bad back.

But there are some ineffective back exercises that you should avoid. You will need to ensure that you do the right exercises to improve the health of your back, while avoiding exercises which could cause more harm than good.

Here are some exercises that you can do to strengthen your back and relieve pain.

  1. Strength training exercises can help you build stronger muscles, especially the core muscles (abs), lower back, pelvis and hips, which support your back. Isometric exercises, in which you contract the muscle and hold it (for example, by pressing against a wall) may be easier than lifting weights for some people with lower back pain. Adding an exercise ball to your routine can help stabilize your core while you exercise. A specific type of exercise that strengthens and helps you gain more control over your trunk muscles (called motor control exercises) appears to be especially good for combating low back pain and disability.
  2. Stretching keeps your muscles more flexible so you’re less likely to injure them. It also can relieve tight spots in your back and elsewhere in your body, and improve your range of motion. Remember to move slowly into and out of each stretch while breathing deeply. Try to hold each stretch for at least five seconds. Never stretch past your limits. If it hurts, stop.
  3. Pilates, with its series of poses that incorporate stretching and strengthening, can be good exercise for low back pain. According to studies, taking Pilates classes can improve low back pain and function better than conventional treatment alone.
  4. Aerobic exercises, such as walking, biking or dancing, get your heart pumping, increase your cardiovascular fitness and keep your body in overall better health. Sometimes non-impact aerobic exercises like swimming are easier and more comfortable for people with low back pain.

If you follow a regular routine of strengthening exercises and find balance in your life you will find that you feel much happier and have a stronger back.

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