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May 04

Women's Strength Classes

Exercise with our signature SPICE STRONG women's functional strength training program now available in Kingston area.

Our women's strength classes are for any level of fitness. Even though we train in large groups we still have access to a variety of equipment that will make you strong, increase mobility, improve stability, greater endurance and YEP loose weight.

Hear how these ladies have achieved success from group training with Spice. SEE ALL CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES →


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group fitness classes

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Are Spice Strength Classes like Bootcamp????

If you're thinking gut busting workouts with endless running drills, burpees, dragging and flipping tyres, whilst being yelled at by some sergeant major type, it's a big NO (although we're happy to yell at you if thats what gets you going, megaphone included).

Our training methodology is geared towards making your body strong, fit and functionally work for you. We don't put you through gut busting exercise sessions to achieve this but work with where your body is at, gradually growing and increasing your efforts and load in a way that challenges and improves your overall conditioning and preparedness for the every-days of life.

And YES, you will get a great workout.  READ MORE ABOUT OUR TRAINING METHODOLOGY

ALL Strength Classes are INDOORS

  • Who is SPICE Strength Classes For...

    • Women who want to get strong, fit and lose weight.
    • If you need accountability to reach and maintain goals.
    • Time sensitive and need pre-booked or flexibility with sessions.
    • Those who don't like exercising at commercial gyms.
  • What Can I Expect...

    • Fun 55min sessions designed to get results!
    • A variety of workouts that won't leave you bored!
    • Workout with other like-minded empowering woman!
    • Monthly assessments and progress tracking!

    Session Times & Location...

    • Tuesday & Thursday - 5:45pm - 5 Mertonvale Circuit Kingston - Enjoy Church rear hall.
    • NO sessions on Public Holidays
  • Pricing...

    • $25pw - 2 wkly sessions for 12 week commitment

About the Author

Sheree is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise, together with big dreams and big visions, creating a unique fitness program to transform everyday lives to empowered success.