Strength Training Specialists For Women
Approaching Their 50's 60's & Beyond

YES!... Regardless of age you can reclaim a Strong Body that
Moves Well, Feels Younger, Lives Louder & Lasts Longer

Strong to Enjoy

Strong to Engage

Strong to Explore

Life is too Short with a Body that doesn't fully Work

Say YES to opportunities and fun... Cause, missing out sucks! 
Don't let your body hold you back - You were designed for more!

We Don't Just Care About Functional Strength

We Care About You

  • Thousands of strong women trained
  • Thousands of empowered functional experiences everyday
  • Thousands of unexpected moments captured & enjoyed

SpiceSTRONG a new way of Strength Coaching Women

Home to the world's only comprehensive Online Functional Strength Training Program designed specifically for women approaching their 50's 60's and beyond.


Live in Hobart Tasmania? Train with us at our Studio

  • Private Coaching
  • Small Group Training
  • Strength Classes
  • Functional Assessments
  • Supportive Community
  • Affordable Pricing
  • And much more...


Everything you need to achieve functional strength and fitness success, in your own home

  • Weekly Video Workouts
  • Ongoing Assessments
  • Movement Walk Throughs
  • Six-Week Guided Setup
  • Support & Accountability
  • AU$19:95 per month 
  • No lock-in contract
  • And much more...


Need time away? Join us on an empowerment retreat

  • Fun & Motivational
  • Relax & Recover
  • Laugh & Cry
  • Challenge & Empower
  • Learn & Unlock
  • Affordable Pricing
  • And much more...


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SpiceSTRONG Online making women's bodies strong everyday, even bodies that don't appear to work anymore

It's Time... You've waited long enough to invest in you. It's Your Time to Shine.

Pricing is $19:95us per month (No lock-in contract)

SpiceSTRONG Stories by Women like You

Get inspired by the everyday achievements of amazing women we support

"I just got bored when I went to other classes"
Janine  has an inspirational story of discovering strength training in later life, that now enables her to carry and transport up to 600kg of clay to schools and businesses.

"You can train at your own pace!"
Mum & Daughter, Erin and Lauren, talk about how much stronger and more energetic they feel after training at Spice Health & Fitness.

"I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years"
Gen shares how she's developed a love of strength training and the difference it's made in her life.

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