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Feb 25

Catherine's Busy Mum's Fitness Plan

Sheree: We are having a bit of a chat with Catherine this morning, whose been doing Private Personal Training as her 'Busy Mum's Fitness Timeout' Haven't you, Catherine?

Catherine: Yeah.

Sheree: I just want to know; how did you find it? What sort of benefits have you found?

Catherine: I really enjoyed the Private Personal Training because it's helped me focus my program, and helped me focus in on my own personal goals. I like coming to the gym. I'd probably say all the girls here are great, and it's always a really positive environment to come to. I really enjoy that. But I just wanted to get a bit fitter, and stronger, and push it a bit more, and I found that the Private Personal Training sessions allowed me to do that. So, it's given me a lot more physical strength, but also some mental strength, and I have a sense of well-being. So, it's been great for me.

I'm a busy mum and I work. So it means, "Okay, that's my time." And everybody in my family knows it's my "Busy Mum's Fitness" time so...

Sheree: That's great. Have you found that having your time slots pre-set up...but you know you can change them if you want to. Has that helped for you to be sort of accountable, and to arrive on those time schedules?

Catherine: Definitely, because you've made the commitment to do those times, and you organize your time to add when you schedule around that. I'm a busy mum, and I work. So it means, "Okay, that's my time." And everybody in my family knows it's my "Busy Mum's Fitness" time so I can stick to it and work to it. Whereas if it's, "I'll come or I won't come," invariably you don't, because you put other things first.

Sound like you? Need a
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Sheree: You're right. Absolutely, and I think what we've done with you too, which we do with all our clients, is trying to give them more than one trainer. Has that been good as well, since you get getting a variety of different things to train?

Catherine: Well yeah, I think it's a real strength. Because if you get used to just one trainer, you're always doing the same thing and it becomes a bit more boring or monotonous. But having a variety, you never know exactly what you're going to do. I think that variety does keep you going, and keeps you guessing, and challenges you in new ways. I really appreciate that.

Sheree: Fantastic, and what would you say to anyone else that's out there, thinking at the moment, "Gee, I need to do what she's doing, but I'm just not sure"? What would you say to them if they were standing here?

Catherine: Absolutely, I'd say, "Go on ahead and do it." I've lost a bit of weight, I feel stronger in myself. I'm a bit more tiny. I haven't finished steps of going along what I'm doing, but I'm really happy with the progress so far. I'd encourage anyone to do it, a busy mum's fitness time is possible.

Sheree: And can I just say, you haven't lost a little bit of weight, and you haven't got a little bit toned. She's got guns. You're looking great. When she trains, we filmed the back muscles this morning. Looking good, and you just looking so strong, and obviously you're feeling great as well, we bet. But I think it's done more than a little bit. You're looking like you're great. A bit more to go, but maybe not too much. She's a gun.

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