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Jun 29

Croquet Fitness - Core Endurance Strength & World Championships

Sheree: So, we have a wonderful lady here, Sue, who's a 67-year old. And she was picked in the Australian team as a croquet Australian representative for the 2015 World Championships in Nottingham England. I just wanna ask, Sue, why did you come to Spice Fitness to improve your croquet fitness?

the competition is more of a marathon, kind of, exercise where you can be playing up to eight hours a day. So, I needed to improve my croquet fitness – core endurance strength

Sue: Well, after being chosen to play for Australia, I thought I should get a little bit more fit. So, I was walking past here, and I noticed that you had a sign out for welcoming over 50s. And I thought, "That sounds like me!" So I signed up for Private Personal Training

Sheree: Right!

Sue: And I came.

Sheree: So, do you feel like you have achieved what your goals were?

Sue: Definitely.

Sheree: Yeah?

Sue: Yes. Yeah, I wanted to get fitter, and stronger. And...because it's croquet...the competition is more of a marathon, kind of, exercise where you can be playing up to eight hours a day. So, I needed to improve my croquet fitness - core endurance strength.

Sheree: Eight hours a day. And if you guys don't know croquet, it's taking this little mallet between your legs. And then you have to hold it for periods, when you line up balls.

Sue: I try, yes.

isn't your thing... but Sue's story inspired you!

Sheree: And you've even achieved some things while you've been here?

Sue: Yes, with my improved croquet fitness I've been able to do some strokes that I wasn't able to do before. Yeah.

Sheree: Awesome.

Sue: Taking two balls across, and the link. Yeah.

Sheree: Fantastic. That is so good. And what's good for Sue today, we've just gone through a band workout that she can take overseas with her. So from her hotel room, she can do a whole body workout, from legs right up to shoulders, chest, the whole lot.

Sue: Yeah.

Sheree: So you can take that away with you.

Sue: And incredibly light.

Sheree: Yeah?

Sue: So you don't need heavy weights or anything.

Sheree: Travelling light is good. And I must say, on my behalf, it's been a joy to train Sue, because she's come...she was already pretty good when she came in, but I can see the extra strengthening. And I can, basically, give Sue anything now. And you can pick up all sorts of weights, and fling them around, and under your legs, and... [laughs]

Sue: [laughs]

Sheree: And we've had a fun time together. It's been really good. So, Sue, I wish you all the best of luck, and we look forward to resuming our croquet fitness training when you get back sometime in September?

Sue: Thank you very much.

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