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Jan 30

The Value of R & R Time

By Sheree King | Restore

As the summer season comes to an end, whether you’ve been traveling to the mountains or the beach, it’s the time of year when many of us start planning an exercise and fitter program to deal with some over-indulgence and prepare for next Spring. When you think of getting fit, resting is probably not the first […]

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Jan 20

Mastering Mindset Memories

By Sheree King | Believe

Ever tried to ignore a box of doughnuts at work, you know how hard it is to keep your hands to yourself and walk on by.  And once you walk on by, the battle isn’t over.  Even if you are in a different room and down the hall, you can’t stop thinking about those doughnuts.  […]

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Dec 15

How to Boost your Metabolism

By Sheree King | Nourish

Boosting your metabolism is a very important part of losing weight. Your metabolism helps to burn more fat and calories and move those stubborn kilos.Follow these easy 5 steps to hep boost your metabolism. Don’t over-do your diet. A lot of people are convinced they have to almost starve themselves to lose weight. But that […]

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Oct 21

It’s All About The Portions

By Sheree King | Nourish

Session Notes: [0.25] Being aware of your thoughts are they Negative or positive thoughts. [1.01] Staying tuned in to your thoughts daily and catching yourself thinking limiting thoughts. [1.17] How to make your positive affirmations. [2.06] Knowing when and how to use your positive affirmations. [3.03] Your affirmations need to be in the present tense. [3.30] The […]

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Oct 18

Our Training Methodology

By Sheree King | Brand

OUR TRAINING METHODOLOGY At Spice, we want to make your body functionally work for you, no matter what everyday situation ​you find yourself in, or goal, challenge, vacation you have on the horizon. Whilst nutrition, mindset and rest play a significant part in achieving a healthy and fit body, our focus here is on the exercise […]

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