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Dec 03

Losing 60kg With Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Blood Pressure & Diabetes

Karen: Hello, I'm Karen. I am one of the instructors here at Spice. About four years ago, when I was 43, I was walking up the stairs at the hospital at work one night and really short of breath. And I suddenly thought, "Hmm, I'm 120+ kilos and very unhealthy and I need to do something. Otherwise, in a few years' time, I'm going to be looking at, well, basically a future of chronic illnesses and things like that."

I’m very happy with the lifestyle changes to reduce blood pressure and diabetes, now I don’t have the problems as I had before


So I took myself along, after a great deal of heart-pounding, to Group Fitness Classes with Sheree at the Mertonvale circuit hall. And I have to say it was the biggest step I took. And probably the hardest was actually walking in there and doing it. I was sort of walking up and down outside thinking, "Oh, oh, oh, I can't do this." But I did, and gradually started to do one class a week, built it up to a couple classes a week, did my Zumba instructor's training, and just sort of moved on from there to my Cert III, and a couple of other different fitness qualifications.

It was hard work. I would go home exhausted. I'd go home with sore knees and everything else. But gradually, as the months went past it got a little easier and I could work a bit harder. So that was my main motivation. And in that time, I've probably halved myself from what I used to be.

I've probably halved myself from what I used to be

I've probably halved myself from what I used to be. I do feel good. I feel really well, healthy. I'm very happy with the lifestyle changes to reduce blood pressure and diabetes. Now I don't have the problems as I had before and of course my knees don't hurt anymore, which is really good.

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Sheree: So what results have you achieved and how does that make you feel?

Karen: Well, as I said, I have lost about 60 kilos without watching the scales or anything. I was really focused health-wise, movement-wise, what I could do. I wasn't forever going, "Oh, 0.5 more kilos," something like that. It was always getting healthier, getting stronger, moving about, all of that sort of thing. So yeah, I'm a lot stronger. I'm now learning to take on a little weightlifting. And the seniors, which I really love doing. And it's not something I would've pictured myself doing at all four years ago. So yeah, as I started out, it was working on, "I need to get healthy. I need to lose a bit of weight," but not focusing on the numbers on the scale as much. And it's gradually moved into, "I've heard about some new things and I've found a new - I don't know if you'd call it a hobby - obsession that I like doing." So yeah, and now that's a really good thing.

What would you say to someone who's just thinking about starting?

Karen: Don't worry about how you might... like I did, you might go in feeling, "I can't do this. I'm overweight. I'm on my feet and I've got sore knees. I've got whatever else." Give it a go.

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