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Nov 05

How Exercise Cured My Joint Pain

By Sheree King | Move

How Exercise Cured My Joint PainStrength training exercise for Osteoarthritis and LupusJoining the gym is the best thing that ever happened to me. I look at older people, all hunched and limping, walkers and sticks, and think that could have been me.My health started to deteriorate in 1997, most likely due to overwork and stress. […]

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Jun 17

Tune-up & Boost your Horsepower

By Sheree King | Move , Strength Endurance

Did you know you can boost your human horsepower? Just like a car’s performance is ultimately determined by the engine’s horsepower, your body has a similar measurement. I’d like to challenge you to make a focused effort to increase your horsepower so you can improve your overall health and fitness. Your body’s horsepower is a […]

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