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Get Strong
And Leave the Old You Behind

SpiceSTRONG Online making women's bodies strong everyday, even bodies that don't appear to work anymore

Does your body control your choices,
or do your choices control your body?

- Sheree King -

STUCK?  Get Unstuck

Perhaps you devoted yourself to family at the expense of your own needs and now find you have a body that's weak and a future completely different to the one you dreamed.

Did you look at some woman when you were young and say "I'm not going to be like that, I'll be strong fit and active all the time", only to discover you've become that woman?

Have you organised your life and activities to avoid getting down on the floor for fear of being unable to get back up again, stuck there for hours or longer?

Maybe for years you've known that you need to do something and made New Year's resolutions this was the year to get strong, but it never happens.

Did you buy home exercise equipment or a gym membership only to see it gather dust as good intentions and motivation waned?

And now you've resigned to the thought it's too late, too hard, too costly to change.

Join our SpiceSTRONG
Online Functional Strength Program for Women

 SpiceSTRONG Online will take you through regular functional assessments then position you into ongoing weekly video workout programs suitable for your body and its functional level and capabilities. As you become stronger, you'll progress to harder workouts, empowering and strengthening as you go. All this within an engaging and encouraging community environment.

Thinking... "Will an Online Program work for me"  Watch our video below.

It's Time... You've waited long enough to invest in you. It's Your Time to Shine.

Pricing is AU$19:95 per month (No lock-in contract)

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up For The Program

Once you've signed up you'll get immediate access to our online membership site. You'll have access to the six-week 'First Steps' program, along with assessment and essentials modules. After completing the six-week First Steps, access to our ongoing weekly workouts program starts. We know at this point you will already have experienced changes and improvement in your functional strength and general wellness, and motivation for more will be through the roof.


Home, holidays, the park. Access to workouts and support, no matter where you are.


Access to workouts anytime of the day. Workout, prep dinner, workout again.


Weekly pricing locked in for the duration of your time with us.


Workout programs geared for your body, not breaking but empowering. 


Workout community that supports and keeps you progressing to your goals..


Workout movements that strengthen you for everyday activities.

Here’s what women are saying about SpiceSTRONG Training


I just wanted to be strong enough to do all the things in life that I want to do. Like lifting my grandchildren and being able to do work here in the ceramics area delivering clay. And I have actually been able to deliver 600 kg of clay, moving it 300 kg at a time.


So since I’ve started strength training I’ve realised that my legs are definitely stronger because we’ve got such a steep slope in this hill – in this house. I can actually keep my balance a bit better and I’m chasing the dog and I can actually help my husband in the yard.


I love body work on the floor. I like feeling how much stronger I’m getting when planking or doing push ups.

What Does the SpiceSTRONG Program Look Like?

There are four accessible program areas that work in unison to propel your functional strength.


First Steps - Six Weeks

How you spend the first weeks of your health & fitness journey will determine the quality of your success. Thats why we've structured a six-week program to get you established. We'll walk you through the online portal and how to navigate around, then guide you week by week though assessments, workouts and essential movements all within a functional level that wont break but empower you.



We've supported thousands of women in their health and fitness for over a decade, and starting right is a major component of how we enable our clients to achieve success. Many women jump into fitness programs only to see motivation and commitment curtailed because they weren’t shown, or didn’t feel the need, to establish good foundational movements, resulting in unexpected injuries restricting or derailing their progress. The Spice Strong Program guides you through detailed self-assessments, so you can begin training at the appropriate level, and with ongoing reassessment, monitor your progress as you improve.



Establishing the correct foundations are essential for making your body work functionally for you, no matter what everyday situation you find yourself in, or goal, challenge, vacation you have on the horizon. Mastering the Essentials as part of our S.P.I.C.E.™ Functional Training System is a key to ensuring you start your health and fitness journey correctly and avoid unexpected issues that could derail your success. Essentials establish strong foundations for workouts that replicate things you do in everyday life, doing them in a way that strengthens, adapts, enhances and prepares you to tackle these tasks with confidence.


Ongoing Weekly Workouts

Our S.P.I.C.E.™ Functional Workout system is the key linking fundamental movement patterns, muscle chains and muscle memory, with the foundational fitness pillars of cardio endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and stability. We train our clients in ways that replicate everyday life, performing exercises that strengthen, adapt, enhance and prepare you to tackle these every-days with confidence. New workouts are added weekly and now you'll be doing the same workouts at the same time with woman all over the world.

Sheree King
Founder & Coach

Sheree is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise, together with big dreams and big visions, creating a unique fitness program to transform everyday lives to empowered success.

READ MORE about Sheree.

Here’s what women are saying about Sheree


Welcoming & Informative

I’ve been coming along to Sheree’s fitness classes for about 3 or 4 weeks and Sheree’s made me feel very welcome. We work hard but she demonstrates and explains everything well and I love it.


Supportive & Full of Energy

I’ve been coming to Spice Fitness for about six months on and off. Yeah, I just… Sheree’s been really, really supportive and helpful, just makes it really good fun and every time is different and she’s just full of energy and vitality and just - the time just passes so quickly. It’s just really good fun so I’ve really enjoyed it.


Vivacious & Motivating

It’s all down to Sheree - thank you Sheree. She got me here, kept me coming, provided motivation. Been very considerate and if I have had a problem, then she’s basically accommodated the problem with other exercises I can do so I don’t have to stop coming. I can just adapt how I exercise. And also being just this vivacious person who just makes you want to turn up and exercise with her.

It's Time... You've waited long enough to invest in you. It's Your Time to Shine.

Pricing is AU$19:95 per month​​ (No lock-in contract)

Hi, Strong Woman...

Having dedicated over two decades to empowering woman, and training thousands of bodies, I know that any woman can achieve amazing functional strength transformation. And you're no different.

We believe in you, and we're here to support, encourage, challenge and empower you to become all that you can, and we don't want a lack of belief in the possibilities of transformation getting in the way.

You can do this - We're here for you.