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Apr 29

Strength Exercise Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

Hear Joan's Arthritis Consultant's recommendation that Strength Exercise can Reduce Arthritis Pain and avoid the need for her to have an early knee reconstruction... See what happened.

Sheree: So we're talking to Joan this afternoon. Joan, how old are you.

Joan: I'm 72, nearly 73.

Sheree: Awesome age to be. We like ladies at that age. So we're placed with a mature woman. Joan, can you tell us what made you come here to Spice Fitness? What made you walk through our doors?

Because I suffered badly from arthritis in both knees, ankles.

 Joan: And I went to see a consultant in Melbourne, an arthritis consultant, who just said to me, "Go and get fit, that you would need Private Personal Training and see that strength exercise can reduce arthritis pain. You won't cure it, but you will stop having had to have a knee reconstruction."

And so we selected you.

Sheree: Yeah, I think because Joan was saying to her consultant, "But I swim and I walk. Isn't that enough?" And what did he say?

Joan: No.

I've heard how
but will it really help me?

He said, "No. You've got to go pick up some weights and to some strength training."

Joan: I needed a lot of strength training.

Sheree: Yeah, and so when Joan came in the door to us, you weren't too strong at that time, were you? You were getting lots of pain.

Joan: I was not strong at all.

Sheree: And you were walking with sticks?

Joan: Yes, previous to that, yes, I was.

Sheree: Yes, so not able to do stairs, walking with sticks and requiring quite a bit of pain relief.

Joan: Yes.

Sheree: Right, Joan came into us not in a great way. Joan, in the six weeks or so that I've been seeing you, what has changed? What sort of changes have you made?

Joan: A lot of changes. I now don't use any sticks. I'm free from pain, almost.

I do not take any pain relief & my local GP thinks it's just outstanding

Sheree: Yeah, it's fantastic, isn't it? Because before you were having lots of injections, cortisone injections, just to keep the pain away. But now it's just the fact that you've got a strong body, it actually supports all your bits and joints, so strength exercise can reduce arthritis pain. So how do you feel? Good?

Joan: I feel marvelous.

Sheree: Excellent. Good stuff. Thanks, Joan, for sharing that with us today. I'm sure you'll inspire quite a few women out there.

Joan: Thanks.

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Sheree, a Registered Nurse, Master Trainer, C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise & Kinesiology) certified functional exercise specialist & PN (Precision Nutrition) certified nutrition specialist, is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise in training women, and together with big dreams and a big vision has created a unique fitness programs to transform everyday lives to empowered success.