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Believe Nourish Strong Restore

Our Wellness Philosophy Empowers your Success

At Spice we understand the key to sustained success is balancing a lifestyle that feeds the four wellness pillars.
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You're Amazing, Resilient, Capable, Beautiful... BELIEVE IT!

Developing new health and wellness habits is both physical and psychological. At Spice we create an environment of encouragement and support and share important mindset strategies to help you achieve success, now and into the future. We believe in lasting change for mind and body, and we support you through all the ups and downs of your wellness journey.
At Spice, we believe in you!


Transform your Body from the Inside Out... NOURISH IT!

Health and wellness involves nourishing your body, moving it regularly, and caring for your mind. At Spice we teach you how to eat well with four simple and sustainable nutrition principles - unprocessed, moderate, balanced and enjoyable. In an era of fast fad diets, we believe in a holistic approach, supporting you to make small lasting changes that become achievable and set you on the path to success.


Your Body was Designed to Move... MOVE IT!

Our Spice philosophy is to make your body work functionally for everyday tasks, goals and challenges. Our training program is functional, achievable and adapted to ANY body - young, old, fit or infirm. We do this without gut busting workouts, but instead develop strength, endurance and mobility, progressing you along at your own pace. We empower you for everything life brings along, including that next big adventure or unexpected moment!


Every Body Needs to Rest & Recover... RESTORE IT!

We live in a fast-paced world, so at Spice we teach you how to rest, recover and restore, your body, mind and soul. We teach you habit-changing pathways to improve sleep and reduce stress, and we  ensure all our training programs are structured with time and techniques to support recovery. Rest and recovery is crucial at any age, but particularly important as you get older and when engaging in an exercise program.

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