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Aug 18


At the crux of our wellness philosophy is SIMPLICITY and SUSTAINABILITY. There are many programs that will kick-start your health and wellness, or enable you to achieve a goal, however, their complexity and rigidity make them impossible to adopt as a lifestyle.

At Spice we understand the key to sustained success is balancing a lifestyle that feeds the Four Key Wellness Pillars. We'll help you:


You're Amazing, Resilient, Capable, Beautiful... BELIEVE IT!

The biggest saboteur, and most unsupported aspect of any health and wellness program is our mindset. At Spice we've created an environment of encouragement, support and belief that 'you can' achieve your goals and more. 

Additionally, we educate on negative mindset triggers, how to identify them and how to overcome them, along with other areas of wellness behavioral lifestyle change. Everyone has moments of relapse in old habits, we help you to not get down about it, but help pick you up and continue moving forward. 

Arguably, any sustained success hinges on developing new positive behavioral habits and success pathways. Spice is a safe and supportive place where lasting change can happen and be sustained.


Transform your Body from the Inside Out... NOURISH IT!

Been on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round jumping from one fad to the next because your neighbour or that celebrity had some success, many of us have and many still are.

There are so many voices vying for your attention on the latest greatest or newest coolest exercise or weight loss plan. Yes, you'll get some success, who wouldn't if all you had where shakes or cut your intake, the problem though is that most aren't sustainable and have you yo-yoing back and forth.

At Spice we follow and educate our clients on a simple and sustainable key nutritional lifestyle principle, Unprocessed, Moderation, Balanced and Enjoyment. We've seen much success, not only with weight loss but general well-being. Whilst cold turkey changes can works for some, we've found building a one habit change pathway at a time is the building block key to success. We apply these habits and lifestyle change support across our four key areas:

  • Unprocessed - Few people argue that eating real unprocessed food is the ideal, however many stumble at implementing an unprocessed diet as a lifestyle. We support our clients working towards implementing a majority unprocessed diet (majority for some could be 60% and others its 80%+), we do however understand that there are many family and lifestyle challenges associated with this, so we have an extensive educational and knowledge base to resource you.
  • Moderation - One of the easiest strategies to implement (anywhere/anytime) for healthy nutrition lifestyle is moderation, or the technical term 'Satiation'. Essentially it's eating until you are satisfied, not full. Some refer to it as eating until you are 80% full. Additionally, there are complimentary techniques like chewing and slower eating that support this principle. This strategy is supported by a habit changing and accountability program to help you understand, implement and maintain success.
  • Balanced - How do I balance what I eat (food & supplements) and when I eat it? Government food agencies have been (justifiably) spruiking the need for us to have a balanced diet across the main food groups (but what exactly does that really look like). Additionally, the Health and Fitness industry has been spruiking the need to eat six or more smaller meals daily for metabolic burn, what to eat pre and post workout to maximise weight loss or muscle gain, plus the countless supplements needed to trigger various outcomes. CONFUSED, we're not surprised. And yes, there are levels of success, however, if it's not SIMPLE it's not SUSTAINABLE, we chart a simple habit changing pathway that isn't going to see you preparing multiple separate meals for you and your family or braking the bank.
  • Enjoyment - Food is to be enjoyed and celebrated, much pleasure and emotional satisfaction can happen when sharing a meal with family and friends. It's OK to eat those high calorie, preservative rich processed meals OCCASIONALLY. we don't expect you to be the party pooper when invited out or over for a meal. However, consider some of those foods or restaurants that don't quite fit your new nutrition strategy, begin using them as a reward! We also don't have a problem with 'Cheat Meals' just not every second day! Again, Simplicity is the key to Sustainability, but when tempered with Substitutivity, leads to Success-ability.

PN CoachDr John Berardi and his Precision Nutrition team are global leaders and researchers in nutrition for healthy lifestyle and weight loss. They’re strong advocates of nutritional habit changing pathways for success and are a significant influence on how we approach nutrition and weight loss. Some of our team are certified through their US based global coaching program.


Your Body was Designed to be Active... MOVE IT!

'Use it or Lose it' We've all heard that phrase and it is never more true then when referred to our body. In a society moving faster and faster towards having everything at our fingertips, it's becoming more challenging to move our bodies, exercise our muscles or exert our lungs on a regular basis. This has now resulted in a burgeoning $80bn health and fitness global industry, providing an environment and guidance on moving that body.

Whilst fitness trends come and go, the truth of 'use it or lose it' remains. Unfortunately, ignore it at you peril. 

The QUESTION then is - As a woman or mature woman, what's the best exercise program I can do in my busy life, a life that's avoided exercise, a life that riddled with ailments or injury, or perhaps a life that's looking to regain lost years. 

At Spice we don't train you like an elite athlete with one size fits all gut busting workout program, our philosophy is simply, we want to make your body functionally work for you, no matter what everyday situation you find yourself in, or goal, challenge, vacation you have on the horizon.

For a more detailed explanation view Our Training Methodology page.

chek exercise coachThe Chek Institute are Pioneers and Leaders of Functional Movement Training, Strength Training and Corrective Training in our industry, they are a significant influence on how we train and prepare our clients for everyday life success. Some of our team are certified through the US based Chek Institute global coaching program.


Every Body Needs to Rest & Recover... RESTORE IT!

Arguably the most important, but always the most forgotten about and sacrificed area of our health and wellness is allowing time to Rest, Recover and Restore our body, mind and soul. 

We all know we need too, but busy lifestyles, time constraints, conflicting demands and much much more cause us to cut corners that impact sleep, see the need to exert ourselves when recovery is needed and avoid relaxation only to increase stress levels that have a significant impact on our physiology.

There's no magic bullet or pill, only acknowledgement and implementing a strategy of being kind and aware of what our body is saying and needing.

The reality is, the older we get the more important rest and recovery becomes, particularly when you engage in an exercise program.

At Spice, we can't find those extra hours, but we do resource you with habit changing pathways to improve sleep, reduce stress and ensure that all training programs are structured with time and techniques to support recovery.



About the Author

Sheree, a Registered Nurse, Master Trainer, C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise & Kinesiology) certified functional exercise specialist & PN (Precision Nutrition) certified nutrition specialist, is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise in training women, and together with big dreams and a big vision has created a unique fitness programs to transform everyday lives to empowered success.