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Feb 29

Pelvic Instability & Lower Back Pain Relief

Sheree: So we're just having a talk to Chris today. Chris has been with us for about what, six months Chris? A little bit longer? Chris what was it like, what did you feel like when you walked in here, why did you come in to us?

I had significant scoliosis with pelvic instability lower back pain, my posture was quite distorted, I was rotated and everything I did basically was a struggle

Chris: Well, I actually came about four and a half years ago and wanted to get back into doing some Zumba, but I didn't realize how restricted I was. And so I had a very simple program, but I didn't really achieve much with that. And then for the next couple of years, I've had several falls, which have given me shoulder and back injuries, and my knees. So I was pretty much jammed up, and rotated, and not very strong.

So it was time that I invested in me

and put some time and effort into some regular Private Personal Training.

Sheree: So when you first came in here, I wasn't quite sure I could work with Chris. But we started some really just basic movements that are normal everyday movements, like high knee raises, and we rolled on the floor and we did all sorts of stuff, didn't we?

Chris: Yes.

Sheree: Chris could barely roll over, do a roll over on the floor. And after a few months of that, you could roll for ever! She could roll fifteen floors if she wanted to. So it's great because it takes quite a few muscles to even perform a roll on the floor, which kids do all the time but we take it for granted. So Chris, what do you feel like you've achieved now that you've been coming for a while? How do you feel now? What do you think it's done for you?

Chris: I think when I first came back I didn't have that much faith of actually feeling strong again.

I had significant scoliosis with pelvic instability & lower back pain

My posture was quite distorted, I was rotated and everything I did basically was a struggle. I walked with a fairly stiff knee. And I still don't have a lot of strength in my knees, but I can do a plank now.

Do you need help to alleviate
that regains mobility and relief?

Chris: I can box pretty well.

Sheree: You can. You can do all sorts of things.

Chris: So it's been fun too, lots of fun.

Sheree: So your body's changed from what you thought it probably would be, that you may have to live with restrictions from scoliosis and pelvic instability lower back pain, but we've managed to unrestrict quite a bit of your body, haven't we?

Chris: But it has to be a regular program that you stay committed to. And I must confess I wasn't very good at doing a lot of other work in between, but I do have intentions now.

Sheree: And look, our two sessions a week seem to really take you a long, long way, so I think it's great. You couldn't walk down unstable surfaces before, where as one day you took you dog for walk down with a friend, and you were able to walk down a little hill and back up.

Chris: Yes, and I had to get to a point where I got strong enough to try and get up the stairs to actually see you when I came back a few months ago. And I wasn't able to go downstairs just normally. I had to actually go two steps, one step down sideways. And we varied everything.

Sheree: We did. It was never the same.

Chris can go downstairs normally, not sideways

Chris: I was then able to do a lot more things that I never imagined I could do again.

Sheree: So Chris can go downstairs normally, not sideways, and there's a whole... I think you've just come a long, long, long way, and there's still more to go.

Chris: Reinforce the importance of investing in your own body and staying committed to it.

Sheree: Well, thanks Chris!

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