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Spice Fitness, Making Women Strong

Spice Fitness is a family owned business with what some might consider, an impossibly audacious vision. But as we say...

If a vision isn't impossible, it's not vision. It's just safe.

- Sheree King -

Functionally Strong Women

Discover our story to passionately fulfil the Spice vision of changing the lives of women all over the world.

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Empowered Experiences

Our mission to inspire success is how we hold ourselves accountable everyday, to fulfilling our vision.

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Actions Transforming

For years we have developed our key Philosophies - Believe, Nourish, Move, Restore and Methodologies - Free-Weight, Functional, Strength, Workouts to create an achievable and transforming program for

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Why Spice Strong Training will work for You

We coach women differently at Spice. Get to know us by reading about our services, viewing the stories, and about videos, and connecting with us on social media.

Spice Fitness is a trusted provider to thousands of amazing women in Kingston, Tasmania and Online, all seeking to be strong, energised, gain lost years and achieve success in a supportive community environment with other empowering women.

Spice Fitness is a unique program offering tailored workouts for every woman. We don’t believe one size fits all or leave you floundering to keep up. Instead we embrace all the individual challenges women face daily and provide functional strength training adapted to every lifestyle, supporting you the whole time.

At Spice Fitness our passion is to empower women to be functionally strong, and we don’t want a lack of belief in the possibilities of transformation getting in the way. We know that as your functional strength grows it will unlock an empowerment you didn’t know you had.

At Spice Fitness we specialise in programs for women, assessing your current functional fitness, then prescribing an achievable strength changing pathway. All whilst walking alongside you, keeping you on track, reassessing and raising the bar as you grow.

The Spice Team

To help us take our vision forward we are blessed to have an inspiring and dedicated team. 

Sheree King

Founder & Principal coach 

​Sheree is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise, together with big dreams and big visions, creating a unique fitness program to transform everyday lives to empowered success.

Simone Yemm

Admin & Trainer

Simone reinvented herself from musician and teacher, to administrator and fitness trainer, and now brings a slight obsession for organising everyone and everything together with a decade of writing and communications experience to manage all the extra bits and bobs for Spice.

Andrew King

Tech Guy

Andrew is tasked with taking every idea Sheree has and making it happen. Whoa! With 20+ years experience in system design and implementation you'd think, No problem. But there's always another inspired, crazy and audacious vision to unpack and offer the world.

Our Workout Buddies

Meet our A Team. Inspirational women with amazing stories of how functional strength transformed their lives. You'll to see and hear a lot more about them in our online workouts.


If you had told me at the age of 73 I would begin strength training, I would have laughed. Now I spread the benefits l have gained.


My favourite exercise doing squats with a bar (on my shoulders)


I love body work on the floor. I like feeling how much stronger I’m getting when planking or doing push ups.


I love the way that the classes are structured. It gives you challenges but you can also work at your own pace. There’s always something different happening.


I like that you can train at your own pace. Sheree adjusts exercises according to if you happen to have an injury or a bit of a weakness of something she can adjust it to you and that’s good. You don’t feel pressured.


At the strength classes I enjoy most things (OK not the sliders) but my favourite activities are using the bands and the TRXs.


I love kettle bells and boxing


I love every minute of it. I love the way Sheree trains us to ensure that you’re always in the right form so you’re never going to injure yourself. And I’ve become so much stronger, much better balance.

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