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Apr 29

Clarissa's success in Strengthening Core Muscles after a C-Section

Sheree: We've got Clarissa here today, who's been with us for three months now. Clarissa joined small group personal training. Can you tell us why you decided to come to us in the first place?

Because I had a 2nd c-section – I needed help in strengthening core muscles after a c-section

Clarissa: I came to recover from having my second baby and to get back into shape and get some fitness and strength back and to help - because I had a 2nd c-section - so I needed help in strengthening core muscles after a c-section.

Sheree: Great. So how old was your baby when you came to join us?

Clarissa: I think he was about three months old.

Sheree: So still quite young. You weren't too concerned about it being too soon after the birth to start Semi-Private Personal Training?

Clarissa: No, no. It's such a supportive environment and I really felt that the trainers understood and allowed for having recovered from the c-section and that they were very supportive.

Sheree: Good. And we do take things down, so we are very aware of pelvic floor and obviously, because you've had a c-section, things need to heal. So we weren't too intense right at the start. So what do you think you've achieved in those three months, Clarissa?

Clarissa: Well, I've started to notice I'm getting a lot stronger and fitter, obviously. The core strength coming back, so I can lift my heavy baby, who's now nearly eight months old. He's a big boy. And I've lost a few kilos, so really feeling so much fitter and more energy.

Looking for recovery after childbirth and need to be
so you're ready for life's new activities?

Sheree: Fantastic. And you were saying before that you felt like things had pretty well gone back into shape, you know. You just want to get that pre-baby body back and so pretty well, I don't think if anything is ever totally back to normal after a baby, but as much as you could, you achieved what you wanted to achieve?

Clarissa: Yes, that's right.

Sheree: Fantastic. So would you do it all over again?

Clarissa: Oh, without a doubt. Yes, it's been great.

Sheree: So what would you say to other mums out there that are kind of like you thinking, "Oh, I don't know if it's ever worth trying to get things strong again, because everything feels like it's totally out of place after this last baby." What would you say to someone out there thinking of doing it?

Clarissa: Oh, definitely. You just don't know how good you'll feel once you start getting fitter and stronger again. The girls here at Spice [00:02:09] are just so supportive. A lot of them are all mums themselves, so they understand what it's like being a busy mum and so it's just about getting out and doing it!

Sheree: Right, so come on in. We'd like to see you soon! Thanks, Clarissa!

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