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Jan 09

Personal Coaching

Spice Health & Fitness is the only Functional Strength - Personal Training facility offering specialised coaching for Women over 50 in the Kingston and Margate areas. We understand the unique challenges women's bodies face daily when approaching 50, 60 and beyond, and have adapted our training methodology to be specialists in making women's bodies over 50 move stronger, feel younger, live louder and last longer.


In short, one-on-one Personal Coaching incorporates detailed assessments and a pathway to a strong, stable, flexible and functional body, no matter your starting point.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Support Optional.

Hear what these ladies have to say about their getting functionally strong with private training and the success they have achieved. SEE ALL CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES →

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So, What is Functional Strength - Personal Coaching?

Simply put, Functional Strength - Personal Coaching is having your own instructor, motivator, coach, health expert and champion barracker in your own corner, making sure you achieve your success.

Essentially, this is where everyone should start when undertaking a fitness program. Functional strength - personal coaching will ensure you start your program at the right intensity, gradually increasing as you get stronger, and can identify potential weak areas to address them before they become possible injuries.

It’s common for many of our clients to start with a Personal Coach and then move across to Semi-Private Training as they become stronger, healthier and more established in their goals. READ MORE ABOUT OUR TRAINING METHODOLOGY→

  • Detailed health and fitness assessment
  • Personalised program for your needs
  • Regular detailed progress tracking
  • Accountability to get to your goals
  • Functional exercises for everyday living
  • Manageable nutrition planning
  • Get your mind inline with your goals
  • Have loads of fun
  • $65 per session
  • Margate studio - Mon-Fri

For more information and to book your place, please Contact Us.


Whatever your goal is we know that we can help you achieve it. We’ll map your program to success against what your goals are. We are so confident that we guarantee our Private Training specialist service will help you achieve your goal.

And yes, our guarantee is conditional that you follow the program we structure for the agreed term. If you don’t achieve success, then we’ll refund your investment.

About the Author

Sheree, a Registered Nurse, Master Trainer, C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise & Kinesiology) certified functional exercise specialist & PN (Precision Nutrition) certified nutrition specialist, is passionate about empowering women all over the world to become their best selves. She brings decades of experience and expertise in training women, and together with big dreams and a big vision has created a unique fitness programs to transform everyday lives to empowered success.